School, Birthdays and Special Packages
Below you will find the packages Petunia the Clown offers. Petunia will work with you to customize your individual experience to offer the best show possible.
Do you have a birthday coming up? Why not give Petunia the Clown a call?
Party package (1.5 hour)
Interactive show with magic tricks and participation songs
Face painting and balloon sculpting
The birthday child will feel extra special, when he or she receives a gift from Petunia and is involved in some of the magic tricks. All the children at your party will receive coloring pages and stickers with pictures of Petunia the clown on them.
If your child has seen Petunia perform before, that’s not a problem because she has quite a few different magic shows. Petunia is very flexible and can stay at your party a longer or shorter time as well.
For the younger children, she also has some lovely puppets that she can work with.
For the older birthday child, Petunia offers a mini clown-training package in which the children each get their faces painted with their own unique clown face. They will also learn how to make a basic balloon animal. During the magic show Petunia shares with them how one magic trick works, after they have taken the clown’s oath of secrecy, of course. Petunia gives each child a diploma with their name and the birthday child’s name on it, stating that they are now fully designated junior clowns.
Are you concerned about some of your students eating habits?
Studies show that obesity has been steadily on the rise in Canada. Petunia has a wonderful show that is geared specifically at the J. K. to grade two crowds. This show is called “Be the Best You Can Be”. This interactive show runs between 35 and 40 minutes. The children will learn the importance of patience, good diet, proper hygiene, and good manners in a light hearted, fun way. Petunia also points out the importance of exercise, and sleep. This show features some of Petunia’s original songs as well as a couple of borrowed tunes, which some of the children will know the words to. As well as songs, she uses some magic and just general wacky clown humour to get her message across to the children.
Would you like to treat your children to something special?
Petunia has a wonderful show called “The Magical Four Seasons”. This is a fun curriculum based show that is suitable for J.K. to grade two or three, and runs about forty minutes. This interactive show consists of a series of magic tricks which all have to do with the ever changing seasons that we enjoy here in Canada.
A couple examples of the kinds of tricks that are in this show are green maple leaves magically donning autumn color; water changing to snow and there are always a couple of tricks involving flowers, because Petunia the Clown loves flowers.
Attention grade four French teachers!
Petunia has a great show that fits into the grade four French curriculum nicely. While your students are working on the Les Clowns unit why not treat them to a visit from a real live clown!
** Petunia the clown, AKA Bev Parrish, is a trained vocalist with a musical theatre background. Bev has been performing as Petunia the clown since 1993 in the Greater Toronto area. She is a full time professional clown and moved to Hanover, Ontario the Fall of 2017. Petunia is a member of clowns Canada. She is now servicing the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound area. Petunia is a very bright and friendly looking clown. She is extremely good with children and very sensitive to different personality types.